The kid approached Kilmartin directly. ‘You—you Jeff K-K-Kilmartin?’ the kid stammered. The kid’s knowing his name caught Kilmartin off guard. However, recovering quickly, Kilmartin stopped and, trying to act cool, slowly put a hand up in order to lean against the wall.

‘Who wants to know?’ Kilmartin asked matter-of-factly.

‘L-L-Look,’ the kid stammered again, a bright red splotch of color beginning to flood up into his face, ‘You—you Jeff K-Kilmartin? I’m just asking!’

K-Cool nodded casually in the affirmative. ‘Yeah, kid,’ he said flatly.
‘Then—then this is yours!’ the kid said, tears beginning to well up in his eyes. He shoved a long, white, sealed envelope into Kilmartin’s hand.

Joining the Crazy Eights means high fives, looks of respect, and the kind of adoration usually reserved for superheroes. Jeff Kilmartin and his best friend Rake have wanted to join for years. But when Kilmartin finally gets an invitation, will the cost of membership be higher than he’s willing to pay? The twists and turns keep on coming when you meet the Crazy Eights!


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